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2.33 ft x  1.87 ft

28 in x 22.5 in

100% Acrylic Yarn

Non-Slip Backing

Kawaii Kitty

SKU: 6
    • Avoid shoes on the rug to preserve the quality of the rug.
    • Vacuum any debris from surface of the rug on a low setting and avoid using brushes/bristles as they can twist yarn fibers and cause pilling. 
    • For excess lint and fuzz on surface of rug we also recommend using a lint roller or a pet hair remover for more stubborn debris.
    • For any DRY stains, carefully scrape them away and vacuum the debris.
    • For any WET stains, carefully use a paper towel or a cloth that won't transfer color to absorb the stain. Use lukewarm water on a cloth or sponge to dampen stain then use a separate dry cloth to absorb moisture. Repeat steps until the stain has been cleaned or till stain fades. AVOID using excessive amounts of water, too much water can cause damage to the glue binding the yarn together. If lukewarm water isn't working you can try a ph-neutral and bleach-free cleaner with the steps above.
  • No returns or refunds. All sales are final unless we are at fault for damages on items that were not stated in "Product Info" or for faulty shipping on our behalf.

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